Why Robin Brodrick?

Why Robin Brodrick?

I took a different path than most experts out there. I went from living in my car, to freelancing, to working at a Fortune 500 company, to recruiting in the cut-throat biotech and tech industries. All in all, I've held 30 jobs in the last 13 years.

The more I applied, interviewed, and said "thank you", the better I became at getting the job I wanted. Friends noticed and asked for help with their résumés. Those friends referred their friends, who referred their friends. Hence, Talent Counseling with Robin Brodrick was born.

Landing an inordinately high number of jobs isn't the only thing that sets me apart from other experts. I'm also a recruiter and talent acquisition manager who has worked across 14 different industries, including information technology and services, financial services, marketing, pharma, and biotech. Currently, I see more than 200 résumés every month and participate in over 300 interviews annually. My experience in talent acquisition creates a unique value proposition for you: I know from personal and professional experience what recruiters and hiring managers look for in résumés.

57% of recruiters and hiring managers reject résumés because they are poorly formatted.

Avoid this fate by using an expertly formatted résumé template to conquer your job search.