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If you still put your name and contact details at the top of your résumé, it's time to rethink your résumé writing and job search strategy!


I will teach you to rethink the job search process and write your own résumé just as well (if not better!) than a professional résumé writer.
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Get inside information about what recruiters and hiring managers are really looking for, from someone who recruits for a living!


Create memorable résumés, cover letters, and thank you notes with smooth visual appeal and results oriented content that everyone loves.


This site has all the tools you need to write an amazing résumé on your own! But, if you just don’t have the time, you can inquire about my services.

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Coming soon! In 2017 you can buy the book that teaches you the best way to get your application read by an actual person. Check back soon to pre-order.

Why Robin Brodrick?

Certified Professional Résumé Writer

Regardless of your industry or seniority, 80 percent of what you do is the same as other job applicants. The other 20 percent is unique to you. It’s your personality, your drive, your essence.

The 80 percent is what recruiters and hiring managers expect. The 20 percent is why they hire you.

Résumé writing is not just a task aimed at helping you take the next step in your career. It is a journey on which you discover your value and learn how to market and use the one thing nobody can ever duplicate. You.

Discovering your true value arouses a sense of quiet confidence, energy, and vitality in you. It will turn recruiters into advocates, hiring managers into fans, and the competition into dust.

Are you wondering what my 20 percent is?

I am a Certified Professional Résumé Writer who took a different path than most “experts” out there.

In the last 10 years, I have gone from living in my car to working at a Fortune 500 company, to becoming an entrepreneur, to recruiting in the cutthroat biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. All told, I have held 31 jobs in the last 14 years.

Landing a remarkable number of jobs is not the only thing that sets me apart from other experts. I am also a corporate recruiter who has worked across 15 different industries, including financial services, marketing, information services, and biopharmaceuticals. I see more than 100 résumés each month and participate in over 300 interviews annually. My experience in talent acquisition creates a unique value for you because I know exactly what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in this merciless job market.


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